Paint your house white, to keep it white. This excellent outdoor wall coating is not just that – it also provides an active anti algal claim. And, with a practical coverage of 1L : 9m2 this one coat (!) system is certainly value for money.

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  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Extending life
  • Kinder to people and the environment
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Algae-inducoat wall
algae attack


White wall? White house? And after a few years of dirty green attack? Did you know that with the Inducoat Algae the high-level wall paint is protected for a long time from all the battle? The investment decision to apply a new outer wall coating is often aimed at the short term, but for the same money a built-in algae protection is possible. So and a nice white house and algae protection for an equal budget. This saves profits in the long term – and keeps your property beautiful for longer

Inducoat Algae (admission number 14 257N) is a water-worn high-quality exterior wall rpaint, which is specifically formulated to ward off algae for a long time. The application is similar to a regular high-quality exterior wall paint. The recommended pretreatment is aimed at killing and removing the algae and mosses. For this, the Inducoat Cleaner is an excellent product (admission number 12 981N).

For the optimal operation of Inducoat Algae, we recommend the Inducoat Three Steps Plan.

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