Bio-safety requires an open mind – and often a microscopic perspective. Because what you don’t see can pose a serious risk. This is especially true of bacteria. From particularly resistant species, such as the MRSA (“hospital bug bacteria”), to extremely harmful species, such as Salmonella. On the Inducoat Bacteria they are evincible not getting a chance. The anti bacterial quality eliminates the bacteria as soon as they land on the coating. They give infection prevention, hygiene, cleaning, an extra line of defense. Includes certificates: from ISO22.196:2011 to TNO. And: years of practice based evidence, especially in the food industry.

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  • Authorized claim
  • Independent evidence, including ISO 22.196:2011
  • International references
  • Simple, safe and ecological


The hospital is a complex hygiene puzzle. Inducoat focuses on ambient hygiene. A growing group of professionals recognizes that wall finishing with Inducoat actually adds value. Because mould and/bacteria on walls and joints are absolutely unwanted. Executives want to prevent claims. Patients expect the hospital to do everything it can to provide the highest standard.

Inducoat anti bacterial and/or anti mould coating offer the second line of defence. Cross industry learning knowledge sharing has connected our added value and practice based evidence in e.g. the near-pharma industry with the hospital hygiene. Mr Leo Ummels, infection control specialist has concluded: “To protect patients and staff, choose Inducoat”.

Food and agricultural industry

GMP, BRC, HACCP. And in addition: product liability, recalls. Bacteria can cause very serious problems. For this reason, more and more food manufacturers are opting for the anti bacterial coating and kit of Inducoat. Concrete business cases show that bacteria protection provides relevant protection. Because food manufacturers understand that no risk should be taken when it comes to Salmonella, E.Coli, Listeria…


How can you be sure that you have chosen a truly anti bacterial coating? The answer is simple: check if the coating has an authorization number. You can find this on the label. Only if this number is present, there is a real anti bacterial coating.

Inducoat Bacteria = authorization number 13618N

Is this number missing? Please contact your supplier. Because for the same money (and often less!) you have certainty.



The main features of the Inducoat Bacteria in a row:

  • High practical coverage offers best-in-class economy: 1 layer system;
  • available in all RAL colours;
  • available in 2.5, 5 and 10 Litre packs;
  • Scrub- solid;
  • Waterborne;
  • Unique authorization number.

Why settle for less? The project price (labour + material cost) is often equal to a regular coating. If you are painting anyway, do it smart.

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