Inducoat & COVID-19

Inducoat’s antimicrobial technology in Inducoat Bacteria is mainly effective against resistant bacteria, but the first indicative test results show that it could also be very effective against the growth and proliferation of enveloped viruses on Inducoat protected surfaces such as walls and contact points.

Covid-19 is a member of the Coronaviridae family of viruses, including the Feline Coronavirus. They cause a wide spectrum of diseases in animals and humans. This group of viruses is enveloped and relies on a protective lipid layer. They are also the easiest types of viruses to deactivate. Unlike many gastrointestinal viruses, such as norovirus, which have a tough protein shell called an enveloped virus, viruses with this lipid coating are relatively fragile and easier to destroy.

Inducoat & viruses

When microbes land on an untreated surface, they multiply. When they land on the surface of an Inducoat protected surface, Inducoat’s antimicrobial technology formulated in the dry layer of the coating can prevent microbial growth. Inducoat’s antimicrobial technology has already been tested against Norovirus and Feline Coronavirus, with promising results *.

In independent laboratory tests, analysis showed that Inducoat coating is effective in reducing the viability of Norovirus. The effects of the spray on the virus were measured after 5 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour. The result was a virucidal effect on the test virus with 93% within half an hour and 99% within an hour. Despite these results, further tests are being performed to arrive at final validation.

Similar studies were conducted to test the efficacy of Inducoat on the Feline Coronavirus. The results showed a 95% reduction after 2 hours. The evidence indicates that the efficacy of Inducoat coating could contribute to the reduction of microbial load, both bacterial and viral. This is a statement that Inducoat will NOT make until final validated results are available. This document is for discussion purposes only. * Independently proven effective against Norovirus and Feline Coronovirus. Full test results for internal purposes only. Sign up for our customer panel to stay informed.

So, is Inducoat Tech effective against Covid-19?

Inducoat has yet to be tested against Covid-19 on product surfaces and currently no method is available by which to test it. Although we have no data yet, the microbiology clearly suggests that if Inducoat is effective against Norovirus and Feline Coronavirus on surfaces, the active agent will likely also have an effect on the lipid coating and the essential components required for Covid-19 to work . function and invade a host. Unlike alcohol-based gels, sanitizers and oxidizers, Inducoat’s anti-microbial technology is effective 24/7 for the life of the treated article. Inducoat could therefore complement the current hygiene guidelines by offering additional product protection.

Inducoat in your practice

Everything from patient records and folders to food packaging and wall coverings are potential transfer points for harmful microbes. The efficacy of the Inducoat technology on enveloped viruses was independently tested on treated wallcovering samples and demonstrated a significant reduction in viral load*.

*To avoid misunderstandings: the above text is based on an ongoing research project and Inducoat has not yet made any claims. We do find the school of thought so relevant that we put it on-line and especially invite professionals to share their thoughts with us.

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