Hygiene can be of life-saving importance. Covid-19. MRSA. Salmonella. If we want to protect vulnerable people, all pieces of the hygiene puzzle matter. Hygiene is from “the land to the mouth” – food&beverage production can not afford contamination…

Our mission is to add value to bio-security via anti-microbial coatings.

Inducoat BV wants to be the frontrunner in delivering smart antimicrobial coatings, kit and cleaners that meet the strictest European standards. Efficient, profitable and sustainable. To fulfil this mission, Inducoat BV strives for a leading role in the production and delivery of smart antimicrobial coatings to institutions, institutes and companies in Europe that see health and hygiene as their professional priority.

Inducoat’s mission is to maintain its technological edge. For this reason, Inducoat’s technical staff has created a unique global network in which paint technicians and microbiologists work closely together in the development of coatings, kittens and cleaners. Always with one goal: to provide safe, proven and trusted antimicrobial solutions. In this context, Inducoat offers an interesting choice between coatings with an official permission (coatings with a claim) and coatings that fit from their coatings quality within a strict hygiene protocol (i.e. emphatically not a claim, but good walliness).


“What you don’t see is there. Surface hygiene is one of the puzzles in our bio-safety. For that reason, we choose the anti-bacterial coatings of Inducoat” – Martin Groot, CARGILL, 2019


In the vision of Inducoat B.V. only those anti-microbial coatings will last which comply to the strictest regulations, test protocols and practice based evidence. In our view, this requires a specialist approach. Since 2008, we have consistently build a global network of hard-core technical specialists to focus on one thing, and one thing only: manufacture world-class anti-microbial coatings. To date, this has resulted in Inducoat B.V. being the only coatings manufacturer to comply to the Authorization of the Dutch Government, for its anti bacterial, ant algae and anti mould coatings. Also, Inducoat B.V. has built an unique database in which the hygiene protocols of leading food manufacturers are amended via the specification of anti microbial coatings. In short: less cleaning, less chemicals, less maintenance. Safe, simple and ecologic.


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