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Inducoat always recommends good pre-treatment, usually with InduFIX and / or Inducoat Cleaner. Subsequently, the coating must be kept clean in a regular manner – e.g. from mud, grease, etc. If necessary, choose BactiClean.

Inducoat is specified by leading architects. Our specification service department offers specification texts in the STABU format.

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Infectious diseases are caused by bacteria. It is a legal and moral challenge to minimize the risk of transmission of these pathogens. That is why employees of, for example, care institutions, brothels, public buildings, nurseries, playgroups, schools, kitchens tattoo and piercing shops, hospitals must do everything to prevent infections and infections. Inducoat is a responsible choice.

It is important to assess the total of measures. It is useful to check all available surfaces for the solutions used and to compare them with the Inducoat alternative. . This also applies to temporary spaces (such as schools and clinics)! The checklist below helps with this inventory.


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