Mold are increasingly taken seriously. This is because more and more is becoming known about the realm of mold- their species, their manifestations and above all: their harmfulness. It is not always realistic to eliminate the causes of fungal growth. Architectural modifications are often costly and not always feasible. Then a solid antifungal coating is valuable. For this reason, Inducoat is the choice of professionals who want to tackle fungal protection for a long time – even under the most adverse conditions, Inducoat is proving effective. A simple system, with admission numbers from the College Admissions Crop Protection and Biocides (CTGB) from Wageningen. This ensures that both the processor and the client 100: this system does what it promises and is safe for people and the environment. Years.

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  • Active anti mold
  • Years of references (more than 100,000 homes)
  • Safe and effective: that proof of the unique admission number.

Bathroom still #1

Moldare a hot item. For tenants. For food manufacturers. For hospitals. But if you take mold seriously, take the admission number seriously. Opt only for a antifungal coating with an admission number. That’s a certainty. Safe and effective.

Indoor Ambience & Mold

Quality of the indoor environment can be severely affected by mold. Their virtually invisible filaments, the release of mycotoxins, the increased resistance to standard agents – mold pose a solid challenge. Once in space, a sound approach is the only option. With Inducoat this is simple: with the low-odor (!) mold killer, treating the whole room is easy and fast. The finish with the antifungal paint is a step equal to any painting. Roll, brush or spray. Simple. Effective. Inducoat.

toelatingsnummer schimmelwerend


Earlier… in the past, certainly in the field of harmful chemicals, not everything was better. On the contrary, especially in the field of fungal protection, there was much wrong. Especially the uncontrolled spout of biocides was a problem… Today there is a solid choice possible. If there is an admission number on the label, the user is sure: it is a safe and effective product. So only real mold protection, with an admission number. Check the label or ask your supplier.

Inducoat Fungi (admission number 13620N)



The most important technical aspects of the Inducoat Antifungal System:

  • Advance: Inducoat CLEANER – fungal killer
  • Next: Inducoat FUNGI – antifungal paint
  • Then: Years of fungal protection


  • Water-worn, high-quality, wall paint for indoors and outdoors (!)
  • Available in all desired RAL colours
  • In 1, 2.5 5 and 10 Liters
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