• Inducoat works. In addition to lab tests, also beautiful practical results.
  • Inducoat is safe. The label has no S symbol or R-phrase.
  • Inducoat has a unique price/quality. The price per m2 is unprecedentedly favourable.
  • Inducoat offers a total system: in addition to the coating, preparation and cleaning.

How long is the paint working?

Laboratory tests can approximate the minimum life of the coatings. Inducoat Fungi and Algae have an effectiveness of 5 years under normal circumstances. Inducoat Bacteria works for at least 3 years.

How many layers should I put?

The coatings are high-quality water-worn styrene acrylic co-polymer with a high solid content. The recommended wet layer thickness is 90 microns. In practice, we recommend a two-stroke finish: a first covering layer and then finishing again with a second layer. Basically as practice is with any good latex.

Working under my specific circumstances?

Inducoat is attached to evidence. Since 2008, a number of pilots have been organised for specific application areas, carried out by independent professionals. The results will be available. These references take away any doubt. And – interestingly – especially the heaviest sceptics cannot get around this.

Why not nanotechnology – that's it at all?

Nanotechnology promises a lot for the future. But for today, there is still insufficient knowledge about the exact effects of nanotechnology. Inducoat follows the advice of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) which states that there is still a lot of research to be done before nanotechnology can be used responsibly and provenly.

Only slow-release?

Inducoat supplies its Bacteria (admission number 13820 N) with a technique that has been assessed by the CTGB.

So what technologies does Inducoat offer?

Inducoat has all the proven, safe, technology in-house. So tailored advice is possible. Our customers choose Slow Release primarily. This technology is based on ‘slow release’ of a specific cocktail of organic and inorganic biocides. This creates a really smart product, in which the functionality of the coating works in a controlled and proven way. An important consideration for them is that the technology also appears stable under heavy cleaning protocols. No responses with e.g. Chloride.

Click on this link for photos of test result.

No Haarlemmerolie!

After finishing with Inducoat (like a regular paint) pollution such as mud, fat, blood, must continue to be cleaned.


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