How to actually Start! with Inducoat? You can buy direct, on-line and via phone. You can buy locally, in more than 20 countries we have specialised distributors to delivery direct from stock. Key questions: What surface? What life cycle? Which protection? Purple Line. Blue Line. Green Line.

Use our Inducoat On-line Advice service to get the appropriate advice. Contact us on or +0031 (0) 33 456 23 94.

We offer FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Team online sessions to ensure that you have the right system. Our local distributor will participate and ensure that you will get on-site advice & delivery. Our Inducoat Webinar Sessions are specifically designed to help you Start! with Inducoat. Especially in these “Covid-19” times travel is limited. But as soon as it is possible, we will also be organising local events. Drop an e-mail to

Inducoat can also be purchased online, for example through

Technical advice?

We work according to the Inducoat 1-2-3 approach: 1/which surface 2/which circumstance 3/which level of protection. Based upon this we of 1/Purple Line, 2/Blue Line and 3/Green Line. Within each line, we offer 1/prep, 2/coat&seal and 3/clean. To Start! we recommend you to contact us at

On-site inspection?

Our local distributors offer free-of-charge on-site technical advice. In these “Covid-19” times, we also ofer FaceTime, Zoom and/or Microsoft Team assistance. Our Dutch team will be stand-by to offer any assistance needed to make your project to a success. +0031 (0) 33 456 23 94


Start! Simple. Safe. Ecological.

Our key success factors: All coatings are waterborn. All coatings are one-layer system – including direct-to-rust High practical coverage ensures lowest labour / project cost and fastest project delivery

More info at Let’s Start!


Our local distributors can deliver direct from stock and Inducoat can deliver direct from factory – worldwide

We transport via road, sea and air. Prefer online? Check

For journalists and newsrooms, our PR agency is stand by. See page ‘In the press’

Have a technical question and prefer on-line advice? Use the answer form on this site to contact us with your question. We will respond within 24 hours.

Inducoat is open all working days from 08:30 – 17:00 – outside office hours you can contact us via