Welcome to Inducoat B.V. – the only coatings manufacturer with an exclusive focus on bio-security. We offer anti-microbial coatings which are compliant to the strictest industry standards and offer solid anti bacterial, anti mould or anti algae efficacy. In The Netherlands, Inducoat B.V. is the only manufacturer to have authorization numbers by the Dutch Government to allow its coatings to make an active claim. Based on this, we are proud to be specified by a broad range of corporations and institutes which regards hygiene as their top priority. Our coatings offer a second line of defence against harmful bacteria or mould. Safe, simple and ecological.

Choose your challenge: harmful mould or bacteria? What is your environment: from bathroom or production? What is your goal: tenant protection, food safety or patient safety?

Choose your preferred distribution: online, more than 250 outlets in the Netherlands, or one of our international distributors in more than 20 countries.  There is always an advisor close to you. For more details, contact Inducoat B.V. on +0031 (0) 33 456 23 94 or

Inducoat B.V. is based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

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Since 1998 the Dutch Government has adopted the EU regulations with regards to anti mould and anti bacterial coatings to ensure the highest product standard on three important aspects: proven efficacy (“the product delivers on its promise”), safety (“the product is safe for humans and the environment”) and leaching (“no leaching, long term life cycle). Only coatings which comply to this assessment, are authorized to make an anti-microbial claim. Inducoat B.V. is proud to be the only coatings manufacturer to offer these Authorization Numbers on its anti mould, anti algae and anti bacterial coating. Safe, simple and ecological.

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